For best results, the hinge point would probably need to be roughly the distance equivalent to the thickness of the tubing. It’s always a good idea to consider what features a rack comes with or is compatible with before purchasing. If you’re searching for an affordable light-duty squat rack, the Body Champ PBC530 is a good reliable option. The portable design of the F2C Adjustable Squat Rack makes it easier to fit in a small space. Another way to avoid any footprint is to use a wall mounted squat rack. It’s a good sturdy tool for heavy lifting safely and that’s all you can ask for in a budget squat rack. For the price, the Rep PR-1100 power rack is one of the most heavy-duty systems on the market today. The pull-up bar is adjustable and reversible with 8 different positions, making it ideal for various squat exercises. That could be a problem with some benches for sure, especially at the higher incline positions. So it’s clear that we needed a totally different solution to save on space. Wright Exercise has some very interesting space saving garage gyms. It comes with 6 resistance band pins to add extra resistance and increase versatility for your squats and lifts. It’s something to keep in mind if you need a very durable LAT pulldown station. during use, and features a set of J-cup catches for support during key lifts. Thanks to its durable build quality the rack can support up to 800 lbs. Compared to this to the assembly for the under 100o home gyms and you can see the difference in the efforts needed. Some adjustable benches have feet or wheels that will stick out too far behind you in the incline position, preventing you from getting your body position as far back as you need to. These horizontally folding racks work great, but you have to have the open wall space around it if you plan on folding outward. It’s tough enough to withstand mid-level lifts, but it does shake a bit during use. In 2016 they aired on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, a show for entrepreneurs to pitch to a panel of investors. Or their Monster Lite Matador will fit their 3″x3″. Sale. It would add cost to the product, but you’d get more compactness when folded. As far as the rack goes, the specs they show generally look okay. But not sure if I could fully use the rogue pull up bar as I only have 94 inch ceilings. The rack comes with a set of tough red support bars and features matching weight bar hooks and a pull-up bar at the top. That could work, with the blocks centered under the rack feet. I don’t remember if the T3 or the stringers had the bolts needed but one or the other has them. It’s offered in an attractive black and silver finish and is protected by a durable powder coat layer to keep rust from becoming an issue. There’s no doubt this is a short warranty, but with 11-gauge steel and 3″x3″ uprights, this rack should be able to last a lifetime and then some. We only review the best racks that do provide great value for the money. Most folding racks are compatible with all the accessories you can use on full size racks and cages. The PowerLine by Body-Solid power rack is a good no-frills rack designed to offer support during most standard lifts you could want to complete. Those are the only differences between the two Rogue sizes. It doesn’t offer many of the features that other racks come with, but it will support you on most lifts just fine. It features a high-quality steel frame that can support up to 805 pounds of maximum weight capacity. Perfectly spaced mounting holes for the rack so that installation is way easier. The chances of something breaking down is rare, but it’s nice to know you’re covered in case something does. These rigs can act as fully functioning squat racks and then fold away for storage after your workouts, making room in your garage for other important things, like cars. 2. No chance of doing incline bench with this unless you have something like the BodyCraft F320 bench that slides back for incline. Enjoy! Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "af06d012587807c804be84a387560ab3" );document.getElementById("g0cce006d1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved |, #3. The racks on this list aren’t the most expensive, or racks with the highest number of features. You’re stuck with it as sort of a really big power rack with no safety bars, but a pull up bar that can be mounted nice and high. It only takes a minute to insert the bar into the sockets and tighten the 2 screws, nearly as fast as the original bar, which I can still use, just below the socket mounts. But I digress.). That was really helpful and even the additional updates are great. Actually, unless the corner of the door was rounded off, you’d hear a ‘crunch’ the first time you went to open the door. If you like the idea of the Rogue rack above, but are on a tighter budget, the X-3 is the way to go. The largest and most structurally sound columns will be 3″x3″. It takes a little longer, but it’s still highly effective. You might find that using only two of the locking pins is sufficient. making it the perfect companion for even heavy lifters. The other brands don’t have these kinds of possibilities. Most wall mounted folding racks fold horizontally- you remove the pull up bar, pull out 4 pins, and swing the columns up against the wall. It’s also backed by Rogue’s lifetime guarantee. First off thanks so much for the great info. The structural integrity of your rack is largely determined by 2 factors: the thickness of the steel used, and the size of the upright columns. Have you figured out the best solution? Near as I can figure, there’s enough space from the wall to give you head room for flat bench presses or low bar back squats, by just a couple inches. 3×3 tubing, 11 gauge steel, and 5/8″ holes. It’s a reliable piece of equipment that most lifters shouldn’t have any trouble trusting. There aren’t a ton of these racks on the market yet, but as their popularity grows, I’ll bet we’ll be seeing more and more. The rack doesn’t come with any extras other than the catch bars, the J-hooks and the pull-up bar, but it’s a good sturdy piece of equipment that should hold up through regular use. Our only complaint is that it can wobble a bit during certain pull up movements such as kipping pull-ups unless weighted or anchored down at the bottom. You don’t get enough specific information about the dimensions, apart from its height. This rack offers a rock-solid 750 lbs. It also features a set of plate holders to help keep your plates up off the floor. Any thoughts on this folding rack? The rack is simple to install and features complete instructions to help you build it and get it into position in your weight room. However, their site is the ONLY info I can find on these. × Lat pull-down station is a bit weak and prone to wear. The Best Squat Racks. As a garage or basement squat rack, bare concrete can be just fine, depending on what else you have going on with your gym. It features 3 angled tiers that can fit various. Titan used to have a stringer option (see the explanation about Rogue’s stringers further above), Rogue’s stringers fit the Titan T-3 folding rack (thanks, Johnny Wild!). The front face of the uprights are a mere 14″ from the wall. [A Review], Everything You Should Know About The X3 Complete Home Gym [A Review], The 5 Best Compact Treadmills For Small Spaces. Most are protected with a powder-coat finish to prevent rusting, and feature thick weight supports for reliable protection.