and outside of sailors, convicts and tattoo artists, not many people sported these large tattoos. The first thing to know is that this is a multi-session commitment. The three legs are known to represent the land, sea, and sky. These tattoos are great examples of just how compelling small, black and gray knot work piece can be. and the best of these tattoos can leave the observer’s head spinning when trying to follow the endless loops and knots. One common element in these knot work designs is Mjolnir, the Norse god Thor’s hammer. Either way, the goal is to have the finished sleeve look completely integrated and cohesive. Celtic Battle Armor Forearm Sleeve Tattoo Design. Pat Fish Adjusting a Knotwork Stencil Before Beginning to Tattoo. Sleeves, whether on the arm or the leg, are a great choice for large designs and Celtic knot work pieces are perfectly suited for this approach. As these excellent pieces demonstrate, Celtic knot work tattoos look great on the upper arm. This Celtic compass tattoo is mostly drawn on the shoulder. It can be drawn on the upper arm, chest or shoulder. It symbolizes courage, bravery, and protection. Many artists take an illustrative approach to tattoos that can make for unique and mind–blowing designs. Of course, I prefer to think that after seeing this explanation of the process you will decide to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT and come to a specialist, one who takes great pride in performing this very challenging type of tattooing. Awesome Tattoo Looks Like Suit Of Armor Dmitry Bronya is the man responsible for this incredible tattoo, which looks less like a heart or Koi fish, and more like something that'd protect you from a maniac swinging a giant blade. One interesting element that is common in these designs is the Celtic cross. Especially when working with Celtic knot work, it is important that the interlaces be correct, and designed to accentuate and enhance the musculature they cover. Because of the time custom fitting takes, basic lines are often all that can be accomplished that first day. Individual sessions must be a month apart to allow for healing, so you cannot come for the weekend and do two back-to-back sessions. While the large designs that people apply to their chests and backs are perfect for some, many people choose to commemorate their Celtic heritage with smaller, more personal tattoos. The above photos show some examples of such adaptation. Celtic warriors were the first to use Celtic tattoos, and they used them as a war tactic. The tattoo is best placed on the arm or back. I am a tattoo fanatic and love all things Celtic. Just to add to Devyns comments. This distinct design can be incorporated into designs with numerous different elements, from animals and dragons, to the God of Thunder himself. As you can see in this cover up progression, a pinstripe of lighter green along the edges of the darker blue knots helps to maintain the flow of the weave and lighten the overall impression. Celtic warrior armband tattoos also have become popular in recent years. Ambitious people often suggest they are tough enough to get a massive amount done all at once, but it is a question of healing the skin without scarring, not how much pain you can bear. Celtic knots are best placed on the arm, chest, and shoulder. A tattoo with more than one animal drawing shows that your powers and abilities are not limited to those of a specific animal – but many. The intricate details in these pieces and the way the patterns can be continually repeated make them the perfect choice for arm, leg or finger band tattoos.