The many cruise bars are all-too-convenient, and there’s a party atmosphere. It costs $25, but that fee includes five prohibition-era cocktails throughout the entire performance. So you really don’t have anything to lose by attempting to bring a few beers back aboard the ship with you. Cheapest way to drink - ferment out sugar water. Many popular wines have a lower alcohol percentage of 11%-12%. Follow me on Instagram to see images like this on the regular. For this reason, many people will apply for the TRP and Criminal Rehabilitation at the same time. Most cruise lines offer a discounted rate, usually saving cruisers $5-$10 per day when the beverage package is purchased in advance. Take a look online or ask your booking agent. With the Seahawks' second Super Bowl win approaching, we'll all be asking the same question soon, "What's the cheapest way to get drunk?" As you can see, bulk wine, watery beer, and strong liquor are the cheapest ways to get drunk. So below is a comparison chart with prices for some of the most popular cruise lines for 2020. What's the cheapest way to get drunk? Also, a few things that just missed the top 11 cheapest list were Pabst Blue Ribbon, Keystone Ice, Mickey’s and Bacardi 151 Rum. (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data). The duration of a TRP can vary from a 24-hour pass to a 36-month permit, it can sometimes be provided as a single to multiple entry pass as well. Top countries USA Bulgaria Great Britian. So it would cost over $133 at the bar for 16 gin & tonics. When you return to the cruise ship, you can easily check the bottle with security. All Rights Reserved | Disclaimer | Eddy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to In addition to exclusive parties with free drinks, Celebrity rewards their Elite Captain Club members with a daily cocktail hour with unlimited free drinks from 5:00-7:00 at most bars and lounges. Don't eat before, get the cheapest hard alcohol you can get (McCormicks Vodka does the trick), and drink away. Usually, these free liquor tastings tend to occur earlier on a cruise’s itinerary, such as the first or second night. Sharing a cruise drink package is not allowed. So don’t hesitate to buy that delicious Jamaican rum or snag that bottle of tequila while docked in Cozumel. The worst case outcome is that security will hold onto your beers for you until the final night of the cruise. Splurging every night on costly cruise cocktails can be a blast. As such, no one will know (or care) that you poured your own glass of wine. So we outlined the alcohol policies of the most popular cruise lines below. Flying into Canada makes it even more crucial that you prepare a compelling TRP application to present on arrival or get pre-clearance through the Canadian Consulate. After five years, you are eligible to apply for a permanent waiver, which is called Criminal Rehabilitation. Even if paying an $20 per day for the gratuities on a “free” drink package, that’s still a heck of a deal for all-you-can-drink top shelf alcohol! We like using to compare all the top hotel sites and score the best deal before it’s too late. No need for a mixie, it goes down pretty easily and stirs up a fire in you belly. Otherwise, once you’re on the ship, inquire about these wine packages at the ship’s wine bar. It’s more economical to buy Patron silver and drink it at home. While the official policies limit cruisers to two bottles per stateroom, we’ve found it can be possible to slip in an extra bottle. Follow me on Twitch! Cruise lines are quite fond of treating their loyal patrons with booze. Many people hope that Canada will be more lenient if they fly into Canada. But many cruisers don’t realize that they can also go to the main dining room and order complementary iced-tea and lemonade with their meals. But when you attend a tasting event, you often get five full-sized drinks for $25 per person. If you’ve come back on the same cruise line for a second cruise, you may be rewarded for your loyalty with a bottle of champagne, a few drink tickets, and perhaps a cocktail party. Holland America’s happy hour provides thrifty drinkers with a cheap drink deal of buying one drink and getting a second for $2. If you don’t want to drink all five drinks, consider attending with a partner/friend and sharing the experience. Unfortunately, the duty-free shop will not allow you to take those bottles back to your cabin …that is, until the last night. So go ahead and give it a try! is there anything cheaper? Let the party begin! And those who want better coffee without paying for inflated specialty coffee prices, we show how to be-your-own barista! Let’s do the math on bottle service using a real-life example: On a recent cruise aboard the Holland America Koningsdam, the cruise offered a Gin & Tonic package that includes a bottle of Bombay gin and three cans of tonic water for $46.25 + 15% service charge for a grand total of $53.19. For those looking to enter Canada with a DUI, entry is possible when you complete the requirements and provide the necessary documentation. Yet other tasting events, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by full-sized drinks! Also, if you happen to be in port on the final day of a cruise itinerary, most cruise ships will actually permit you to bring any liquor purchases right back on board with you.