Get started. Character Analysis. 0000083413 00000 n 0000154739 00000 n 0000160206 00000 n 0000161851 00000 n In the musical, the dead Connor does speak (actually mostly sings) with Evan, but it seems clear that Evan was conjuring him up in his imagination. . (“This damn cast should be on my feet; it’s become my Achilles’ heel”; “Zoe’s smile balloons to the size of a parade float….My mother returns the smile, hers a balloon with holes, and says nothing.”) Is this really supposed to be the same voice that sings “Waving Through a Window” and “You Will Be Found” on stage? All of this is in the musical, but the novel offers more detail. Save Download. 0000159139 00000 n

Chapters 1-6. 0000158840 00000 n 0000052149 00000 n Evan, not wanting to hurt their feelings, doesn’t correct their mistaken impression that he and Connor were friends, and eventually lies outright, telling them he and Connor were best friends.

0000052300 00000 n 0000138174 00000 n 0000146186 00000 n 0000141436 00000 n 0000003812 00000 n It also inserts some of the conventions of a YA novel, with Evan or Connor bringing up works of literature that most high school students are assigned to read, such as The Great Gatsby and To Kill A Mockingbird, though the novel does little more than name-drop the titles. Bedlam Dramatizes E.M Forster’s Haunting Story of Modern Life. #DearEvanHansen @pasekandpaul It’s happening! Like the word: meh  Meh is basically a shoulder shrug, and that pretty much sums up the reaction I get from society at large….I’d rather think of myself as eh….Like, How about that Evan Hansen, eh?”. 0000057578 00000 n Themes. 0000151562 00000 n The story is essentially the same, but the music is missing. Evan has a therapist who asks him to write letters to himself. Dear Evan Hansen. A Short Overview of the Story Evan is in high school and suffers from anxiety. Novels are routinely turned into Broadway musicals, several currently running – Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Once on This Island – but turning a Broadway musical into a novel is…novel. Chapters 7-12. 0000155559 00000 n One of our most anticipated novels of the year is Dear Evan Hansen!We fell in love with the musical and we fell even more in love with the book. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Buy tickets to Dear Evan Hansen the musical. 0000161585 00000 n The book is told mostly from Evan’s point of view, but there are periodic first-person passages from the dead Connor – including, most notably, the eventual revelation that Connor was gay. 0000160003 00000 n Book Review: Dear Evan Hansen the Novel.