Welcome! Nanotechnology Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise can relax for now, but according to Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, a computer graphics scientist and founder and head of MIRALab at the University of Geneva, as the technology improves, anyone who isn't an A-list actor will likely be done "more and more by computer.". Amazon is already launching drone delivery, but if even that sounds like too much effort, the kitchen of tomorrow won't need you to notice that your milk is running low or you're almost out of beer. We have to examine the context to determine which future tense to use. Here the preposition a is used, analogous to the English to; the French construction does not have this. He’s not going to play football anymore. ⬤ Fill in the blanks Quiz 1 – Use suitable “be going to future tense” forms. (Sorry, every prediction about the future can't be rosy.). It's that they aren't." Athlete, nerd, hopeless romantic, thespian. Here are some examples: The sky is very black. That sounds downright Orwellian. Our online exercises for English help you to learn and practice grammar rules in an interactive manner. I have to wait until I have a day off. Similar pages: And though we're not sure they'll help on an aircraft with a transparent fuselage, we'll help you out anyway: Here are the 10 Best Tips for Sleeping on an Airplane! We've already identified 2,341 planets outside our solar system, but thanks to a collaboration between NASA and Google, that number is projected to jump to 4,496 in the near future. Another construction, "to be to", also has similar denotations in some constructions, e.g. As they reported last year, "the problem we're facing isn't that the robots are coming. Artificial intelligence has proved itself an unexpectedly difficult problem." So will they come true? Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, a Silicon Valley startup, believes that "we will be the first species ever to design our own descendants. We'll find out soon enough. Use of "Be Going to" "[T]he future-in-the-past... is used where the speaker wishes to refer to a past time at which a particular event was still in the future, even though now, at the moment of speaking, it is past.This particular combination frequently makes use of the semi-modal expression be going to since this is readily marked for the past. "All of the prosperity of China is built on the willingness of the U.S. and Europe to buy its products," he says, and that time is coming to an end. A: We've run out of milk. Read about how to make the future simple here. Clicking the “Submit the Answers” button will show you the answers. The real story behind the NCAA basketball tournament's bankable nickname. The table below provides an overview of contractions in the future with going to. They’re going to watch a film this weekend.. Be careful! "I was to see the Queen the next day." Use of the going to-future 1.1. planned actions in the future. Learn how to conjugate the future tense with going to in English grammar and get tips on its usage in this online English grammar lesson. An asteroid "might" destroy us in 862 years. If it doesn't rain, we'll go to the park. It won't affect you, but your great-great-great-great grandkids are going to have a little more time in their day to get everything done. (An alternative description is that it uses the verb go in the progressive aspect, most commonly in present progressive form, serving as an auxiliary verb and having the to-infinitive phrase as its complement.