I made this today, it literally filled up my large stock pot. The carrot may seem like a random ingredient but I’ve heard that it adds a bit of sweetness to the sauce therefor you won’t have to add any sugar. Instead of simmering it on the stove, I put on the lid and put it in the oven at 300 degrees and let it cook for about 6 hours. It’s a great recipe to make and freeze for an effortless homemade meal later in the week or month. I will definitely be making this again!

Love it! Also, this Baked Spaghetti Pie is perfect for a fun and easy family meal. I’ve actually been wanting to can this sauce, too, but have been kind of nervous to try it. This is a delicious recipe! I’ve made spaghetti sauce with “hidden” carrots and spinach in addition to the pepper and onions. I think most of the flavor was brought out with the balsamic vinegar which I didnt realize would happen. I’m talking fresh Roma tomatoes, boiled, peeled, seeded and crushed them. I just added some water as the bottom was scorching as the sauce was simmering. I did let it cook down for about 12 hrs because I used fresh tomatoes from the garden instead of the paste and canned tomatoes, and it was kind of thin…after cooking down, it came out with a perfect consistancy. I think Roma tomatoes are best. The roasted red pepper gave it a sweet smoky flavor and letting it simmer on the stove top reduced the sauce to a nice thick consistency (it was too watery in the slow cooker). ♥. This has been my go-to spaghetti sauce recipe for years! It tasted great before I added the Balsamic Vinegar.

And doesn’t “homemade” just sound better? So good! Also, once it reaches the thickness you want you can cover it with a lid to reduce further condensation). I am very excited to try this! But never could get her’s to taste the same until her daughter told me, porcini mushrooms. I used 1 lb. Lol I have some on the stove now and the only thing I changed was the thyme. This recipe is superb, even satisfied my hard to please husband. This is my new go-to! Making this now, 12:40 PM on 5-17-19. I usually slow cook this sauce all day, and freeze half of it. I just made the sauce. My 9 yr. old said it was the best spaghetti sauce ever! I am really hoping to get away from prepackaged sauces. I was curious, how much fennel seeds you use for the recipe? Ah, thank you! After I had it all in the pot and simmering I thought “Oh no! Made the sauce this morning… doubled the recipe in a massive 18qt. lol. I agree – this is the best sauce I’ve made. Although there are lots of ingredients you can add to meat sauce, we like to keep it simple so that the flavor of the ground meat, Italian sausage, tomatoes, garlic, and basil really shine through. I would really like to can it. Thanks for bringing that up! Thank you for sharing. I have never tried canning it (but hopefully will figure out a canning recipe soon!). I want to try it soon. I’m working on that as we speak, and if you can hang on to the last remains of summer garden tomatoes, I’ll hopefully be posting my perfected method/recipe later this week or early next. I am really excited about trying this recipe the next time we have pasta. This recipe is what spaghetti dreams are made of!! I’d probably suggest 20-30 minutes high pressure. Also do you have any suggestions on how I could fix it? I’m a big fan of your other recipes so I took a leap of faith with this one too. At least the result was worth it, right? Then added one tablespoon, tasted again and loved the depth of flavour and added the second tablespoon. I have a friend who taught me how to make her sauce, her Italian mother-in-law passed it down to her, and this is just as good if not better!! For example, I LOVE vegetable soup and occasionally I will add ground beef or Turkey. I am so happy I found your blog… I have been using your recipes and my picky family has been very pleased.

This receipe is absolutely delicious!! They loved it so much, they accused me of just buying a jar of spaghetti sauce. Or do you slow cook without the lid? It is basic but incredibly satisfying with lots of rustic flavor. This was delish! I am sorry it might mean more work for you, though, if you won’t be able to enjoy a restaurant now and then! I love preparing several batches at once to stock the freezer and to give to friends. However, you can let it simmer as long as you like.). This is my go-to recipe now! Those looking for authentic Italian may be disappointed, others may love it as the positive reviews confirm. Thank you for this marvelous recipe! Halving the Recipe: this sauce halves (or even quarters) great if you don’t want to make such a large batch. It is really good. The sauce is GREAT!! Authentic Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce simmered low and slow and packed with flavor! I ended up just cooking it on the stove in my stockpot and it was great. I love making the sauce, and know I can freeze it. That says a lot. I could cry and dance, I am so happy!!

I’m used to using Hunts sauce and tweaking it a little bit. Interestingly enough, even though spaghetti is mostly associated with the Bolognese sauce (also called ragù), it wasn’t actually common to eat it in that combination in Bologna, as spaghetti grew to popularity in Naples. Your site is a go-to for anything I’m looking for! My 2 year old daughter asked for seconds…and then thirds!

pot for my three kiddos play date tomorrow and for our meals. Since I like my sauce a little sweeter, I did add a carrot and a little bit of white sugar. Oh Mel, I just discovered your site. Thanks! after sauté make a circle in the middle of the pan with the carrots, onions, garlic pulled over to the sides so not to overcook and to allow the tomato paste (added 6 oz can to recipe), and the smashed 3 anchovies to the paste ( crunch up the anchovies when you make the hole in the middle first then add the paste), deglaze with a cup or so of red wine. Melanie!! One difference mine came from a woman who passe years ago and was from Macedonia , A few things she did was to simmer the burger in just enough water to cover, makes the sauce a smooth find texture. I want to have it for dinner all the time. seriously, you have SO MANY great recipes, and this is yet another one! I thought I’d give this a try, was thinking to myself “this could be just another site with all great reviews only to discover the dish tastes ordinary” as I have been searching for the best bolognaise recipe for years and THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE ONE! Definitely cook for 5 hours.

It also lends a good color. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or until bubbly.
Nonnabox.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Awesome! I would like to know if you can can this sauce which has meat. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog!!!! Add broth to sauce to thin sauce if desired (at about 4 hours sauce will be pretty thick so if you want it any thinner just add broth to desired consistency. Thank you in advance for your reply Mel and for sharing your recipe. Josey, WOW. 8 %.

Jenny. If you are familiar with cooking with them, by all means, go ahead! The ground sausage and canned tomatoes are both salty.

Thank you for a wonderful recipe. According to them, the recipe needed an intervention, as it went too far from how it was originally intended and this homemade Italian spaghetti sauce recipe will follow the original instructions. I look forward to trying many more of your recipes! Ever since I was a child, I was in awe of my mother. Also… Sometimes canned tomatoes can be overly acidic and benefit from a little bit of sugar to balance the flavor. Do you happen to have a yummy spaghetti sauce recipe that uses fresh tomatoes? My whole spaghetti world has changed with this recipe!! Jen – I use a large stockpot, probably a 6-quart pot. I made it at 11 am this morning and actually threw it in the crockpot on low. It was absolutely delicious!! I like the vegetable ideas the other ladies have shared. I loved it!! I made this on Sunday and not only was it pretty easy to follow the directions it was better than any spaghetti sauce I have ever had!! My picky eater wiped the plate clean! I TRIED every restaurant, HAVE NOT FOUND GOOD SAUCE yet. Try this recipe with ground turkey for a leaner meat sauce. A few weeks ago I made a similar sauce, entirely from scratch. My fiancée and I have been debating for a while now to make a homemade sauce instead of store bought. I tried this sauce for a casual spaghetti dinner with friends and it did not disappoint! Made this according to recipe and husband who is meat eater said that this was superb! Should I put it in a blender in batches to smooth it like the Marinara sauce? I cooked some whole grain rotini and it was perfect! Add the garlic and onions and just like you did with the pancetta, fry them until golden. Salt and pepper also helps making the Bolognese sauce flavors stand out. I gave plenty away but still had alot. It is soooo good! And one of the dishes I remember asking her over and over again was anything involving pasta. . I haven’t made this sauce yet (love your quick one with the soy sauce) but the reviews have convinced me I’ve put this recipe off too long! In a Dutch oven. I'm Sommer Collier... Travel Enthusiast, and the Resident Cookery Queen of A Spicy Perspective. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Julie – I’m glad you liked this! I am going g to try your spafhetti,sauce as it looks wonderful but i,have one quetuon.

Gus – Letting the sauce simmer uncovered will definitely help reduce excess liquid. And we grilled spaghetti squash to go with it (boiled a few elbow noodles to in case the kids needed some encouragement, but the adults mainly ate the spaghetti squash with sauce). I made two massive batches of this sauce for a spaghetti dinner fundraiser last January. This comment is long over due as I’ve been making this sauce for a few years now. I keep tasting it because it is so yummy. It takes a bit of work but it is so worth it to be able to dump it out of the jar and heat it up and already have the hamburger in it. I’m guaranteed to have it for months to come. Thank you so much, this is homerun recipe. Also, you’ll want to taste test to make sure the salt level is ok since you won’t get the added salt from the canned tomatoes. I find peace and comfort in my kitchen these days. I’m just uncertain what kind of pepper is being referred to. Thanks!!
It was worth every minute though. Thanks Mel. We actually made a sauce similar to this but added diced zucchini, more bell peppers, and on occasion squash. Thank you for your input. Sorry! Since it’s just my husband and myself I freeze it. And why no recipe for enchilada sauce? Others may have reported back in the comments about how they’ve done it. The flavor is a bit different than this homemade spaghetti sauce (in order for the sauce to be safe for canning), but it’s super tasty. have I told you lately that I love you?! I’ve never made spaghetti sauce with balsamic vinegar. The other thing I always add to my spaghetti sauce (courtesy of giada delaurentis) is 2 Tbsp. It was amazingly good.