Urgent cancer referrals made by GPs were down by 19% from 2221,805 last July to 179, 503 in the same month this year with breast cancer referrals down by 34%. Routine treatment admissions was down 51% with 142,818 patients admitted in July compared to 314,280 last year. RTT statistical press notice – timeseries including missing data ests (XLS, 90K), Latest (Mar 2020) full extract CSV data file Incomplete Provider Jul19 (XLS, 8321K) revised, Admitted Commissioner Jul19 (XLS, 1976K) revised NonAdmitted Commissioner Apr19 revised (XLS, 1991K) Publish details of the methods adopted, including explanations of why particular choices were made. New Periods Provider Oct19 (XLS, 1036K), Incomplete Commissioner Sep19 (XLS, 4046K) NonAdmitted Commissioner Jan20 (XLS, 1988K) P4.2: Ensure that official statistics are produced to a level of quality that meets users’ needs, and that users are informed about the quality of statistical outputs, including estimates of the main sources of bias and other errors, and other aspects of the European Statistical System definition of quality. 2019-20 Annual Report – spreadsheet (XLS 99K), Download 2018_19 RTT Annual Report (PDF, 1336K) Our advice for clinicians on the coronavirus is here. P4.6 Promote comparability within the UK and internationally by, for example, adopting common standards, concepts, sampling frames, questions, definitions, statistical units and classifications (including common geographic referencing and coding standards). Principle 8: Frankness and Accessibility P8.1 Provide information on the quality and reliability of statistics in relation to the range of potential uses, and on methods, procedures and classifications. Non-admitted pathway data (patients whose RTT pathways ended for reasons other than admission for treatment) has been published since August 2007. New Periods Commissioner Sep19 (XLS, 548K), Admitted Provider Sep19 (XLS, 4049K) Figure Figure1 1 is based on hospital reports on waiting time from referral to starting point of a treatment period, and is taken from the National system for waiting time-VENTSYS. 14 November 2019. Patients are evenly split in waiting location preference, with one third preferring an exam room, one third preferring the general waiting room and one third indicating no preference. And A&E attendances at hospitals in England continue to be below levels a year ago with 1.7 million recorded in August 2020, down 19% from 2.1 million attendances in the same month last year. Incomplete Provider Dec19 (XLS, 8387K) 41699, Admitted Commissioner Dec19 (XLS, 1973K) Referral to treatment data for April to August 2019 was revised on 9 January 2020. Leeds NonAdmitted Commissioner Dec19 (XLS, 1987K) Incomplete Provider Nov19 (XLS, 8359K), Admitted Commissioner Nov19 (XLS, 1973K) 2013-14 RTT waiting times data New Periods Commissioner Jul19 (XLS, 549K) revised, Admitted Provider Jul19 (XLS, 4031K) revised Referral to treatment data for October 2018 to March 2019 was revised on 11 July 2019. Statista. Incomplete Provider May19 (XLS, 8362K) revised, Admitted Commissioner May19 (XLS, 1978K) revised It is important for producers of official statistics to provide explanatory notes outlining the characteristics – strengths and limitations in relation to use – of the statistics. New Periods Provider Jan20 (XLS, 1036K), Incomplete Commissioner Dec19 (XLS, 4051K) 41699 Virtual primary care and the evolution of healthcare — 5 experts weigh in, It's time to take the blindfold off your EHR — a roadmap to clear-sighted IT use, 5 elements of a successful ED transformation. Please do not hesitate to contact me.