It is a simple process, no more fantastic than other growth problems we experience daily. With all the energies gathered at the top of his head, he will leave through the highest chakra he experienced this lifetime. --Karanaloka: "World of God," and of the Gods and highly evolved souls, existing deep within the Antarloka at a higher level of vibration. Therefore, the Hindu knows that the belief in a single life on Earth, followed by eternal joy or pain is utterly wrong and causes great anxiety, confusion and fear. Learn how your comment data is processed. Every night you "die" and leave your physical body. Then I came to a gate. The only problem comes with conflicting beliefs, which produce fear and anxiety about death. Vedas Pioneered Economic thought trends latest research shows.. 10 Surprising Near-Death Experiences That May Change Your Beliefs | AbcNewsInsider #1 sources for news, 10 Surprising Near-Death Experiences That May Change Your Beliefs –, Tunnel Of Light: The Science of Near Death Experiences | Curious Skeptic,,, 10 Surprising Near-Death Experiences That May Change Your Beliefs – MoneyLife. Suddenly I saw two big pots of boiling water, although there was no fire, no firewood, and no fireplace. In 45 Hindu near-death accounts, Pasrich and Stevenson found no evidence of a tunnel experience which is frequently found in western accounts of the near-death experience. Generally, the soul, at the time of conception, chooses the body he will inhabit but does not actually enter the womb until the infant body takes life and begins to move and kick. We neither fear death nor look forward to it, but revere it as a most exalted experience. In their interviews with 704 people living in India about their near-death experiences, 64 accounts of near-death experiences came to the surface. The astral body includes the pranamaya kosa, the manomaya kosa and the vijnanamaya kosa. Equivalent to the Western term "hell," a gross region of the Antarloka. This is described in the Bhagavad Gita again, which states: For sure is the death of all that comes to birth, sure is the birth of all that dies. Learn More During out-of-the-body experiences, this silver cord is often seen as a cord of light connecting the physical, astral and spiritual bodies. It is a world of superconsciousness and extremely refined energy, the quantum level of the universe. You have brought Vasudev the student.”, When I regained consciousness, Vasudev the gardener was standing in front of me [apparently in the crowd of family and servants who had gathered around the bed of the ostensibly dead Vasudev]. --vijnanamaya kosa: "Sheath of cognition." --Pretaloka: "World of the departed." He looked dreadful and was all black. A lot of people who are about to die do not believe in life after death, so they remain hovering over their physical body when it is lifeless. Hinduism describes three primary lokas, as follows. He was taken to a place with about 50 people sitting around at tables and chairs but he did not recognize anyone. We exist as male and female, often switching back and forth from life to life as the nature becomes more harmonized into a person exhibiting both feminine nurturing and masculine intrepidness. In this process, the current astral body--which is a duplicate of the last physical form--is sloughed off as a lifeless shell that in due course disintegrates, and a new astral body develops as the new physical body grows. […] of a “life review” that is ordinarily reported in Western NDEs, Hindu practice are some-more expected to engage […], […] opposed to the “life review” which frequently reported in Western NDEs, Hindu experiences will include someone reading out an […], […] 14. 15. 16. The last thoughts just before death are the most powerful thoughts in creating the next life. Take him back.”, To this Durga replied, “How can I go back? Then I realized why the pots were boiling. It is indestructible. TEL: 808?240?3108; FAX: 808?822?4351; WWW.BOOKS@HINDU.ORG, Publisher's Desk Article In Other Languages. In 1986, researchers Dr. Satwant Pasricha and Dr. Ian Stevenson documented 16 cases of near-death experiences in the Journal of the American Society of Psychical Research. Death takes place in a short period, but is a foreboding affair to those who have never meditated. Profiled below are some of the Hindu cases from their research on near-death experience in India: Vasudev Pandey was born in 1921 and nearly died when he was about 10 years old due to a “paratyphoid disease”. […], […] of the “life review” that is commonly reported in Western NDEs, Hindu experiences are more likely to involve someone […], Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! --anandamaya kosa: "Body of bliss." When the cord is cut at the death of the physical body, the process of reincarnation and rebirth begins.