See all 6 Senior Housing and Senior Living options in Sitka, AK currently available for rent. Housing Costs in Sitka, Alaska Housing is one of the largest components of cost of living. It reported 1,190 residents, of whom 861 were Native, 280 were White, 31 were Asian, 17 Creole, and 1 Other. [44], On October 18, Alaska celebrates Alaska Day to commemorate the Alaska purchase. The cost of living in Sitka is 6% higher than the Alaska average; The cost of living in Sitka is 36% higher than the national average; Sitka housing is 62% higher than the national average; Alaska general sales tax is 100% lower than the national average; Alaska state income tax is 100% lower than the national average Pros and cons of living in Madison Wisconsin., Madison, 18 replies Pros/cons living in or around Denver, Colorado, 11 replies Sitka va Ketchikan Living, Alaska, 11 replies Sitka Living?, Alaska, 24 replies The Pros & Cons of Living in Ashland vs. Bend, Oregon, 28 replies But you sure see more traffic than you would expect in a town that only has 16 miles of road, and they're all dead ends! The strength of the American middle class is a common point of... See a list of all available cities in Alaska by clicking here. In 1913, Sitka was incorporated as a city, rendering the division by the census bureau for 1910 moot. In Sitka, the median household income is $71,534, 4.9 times the median home value. [38], Old Sitka Dock,[39] located at Halibut Point, one mile south of the Old Sitka State Historical Park, commemorating the 1800s Russian settlement, and six miles north of downtown Sitka, is a private deep water port offering moorage facilities. Livability explores what makes small-to-medium sized cities great places to live. Home; About; I live in a red state. During Russian rule, Sitka was a busy seaport on the west coast of North America,[37] mentioned a number of times by Dana in his popular account of an 1834 sailing voyage Two Years Before the Mast. [citation needed]. There are no longer two hospitals in Sitka: The flora and fauna of Sitka and its surrounding area are popular. [33], Within the total 2010 population of 8,881 residents, an estimated 7,161 were over 16 years of age. Bed 3 | Bath 3 | 1942 SqFt. Decreasing rapidly. Renting is a sometimes lower cost alternative to homeownership. SITKA, Alaska (AP) - An Alaska city plans to pay $4.1 million to the federal government to resolve outstanding liabilities related to physician compensation violations. The city is situated on the west side of Baranof Island and the south half of Chichagof Island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Pacific Ocean (part of the Alaska Panhandle). These ancient lands, home to the Tlingit Indians, celebrated their life and culture long before Russians or Americans walked on the rocky shores and today Tlingit living culture is deeply rooted in this small seaside city. I live in another Southeast AK town, but my work had me in Sitka a few times each year and it's really a pretty unique place. Vehicles, pets and bicycles can also be taken on the ferry for an additional charge. For the history buff, Sitka is a place where stories of the past come to life and history is tucked into every corner. The area now known as the downtown area of Sitka was originally settled by the Tlingit people over 10,000 years ago. For the purposes of comparison and the fact that the village was not officially politically/racially divided except by the census bureau report, the combined total (1,039) is reported on the historic population list. Sitka is a great town, I would definitely recommend it. Public transportation is also available. For families with children, child care adds thousands of dollars to overall annual spending. Additionally, KSCT-LP (NBC) Channel 5, KTOO (PBS) Channel 10,[56] and KJUD (ABC/CW) serve the region. In June 1802, Tlingit warriors destroyed the original settlement, killing many of the Russians, with only a few managing to escape. I'm trying to break the habit of hopping in my car just to go short distances. Sitka displaced Juneau, Alaska as the largest incorporated city by area in the United States upon the 2000 incorporation with 2,874 square miles (7,440 km2) of incorporated area. Sitka's location on the outer coast of the Alaska Panhandle is removed from routes run through Chatham Strait. The typical renter in Sitka spends $1,123 a month on housing, greater than the $1,023 national median monthly rent. Following two days of bombardment, the Tlingit "hung out a white flag" on the 22nd, deserting the fort on the 26th. Alaska Dept. I'll share different perspectives on Living in Sitka, Alaska. 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An estimated 4.90% of workers commute to jobs outside of Sitka, a smaller share than the 43.7% share of commuters nationwide who live and work in different cities. Sitka's Filipino community established itself in Sitka before 1929. [24] In 1930, it fell to 7th place with 1,056 residents. In Sitka, a single adult spends an average of $2,748 on food annually, and a family of four spends $7,748 on average. The climate is relatively mild when compared to other parts of the state. For context, average annual food expenditure across Alaska and the U.S., respectively, are $2,931 and $3,240 for a single adult, and $8,262 and $9,354 for a family of four. You'll have to take out a loan to live here. The Alaska Pulp Corporation was the first Japanese investment in the United States after WWII. Sitka is the only Alaska community to have both a Bicycle Friendly Community and a Walk Friendly Communities designation. The Alaska State Trooper Academy — the academy for all Alaska State Troopers — is located in Sitka. [20] It was the largest community in Alaska at that census. Living in Sitka. [12] By 1914 the organization had constructed the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall on Katlian Street, which was named after a Tlingit war chief in the early period of Russian colonization. He was known for his interest in education, and his house, parts of which served as a schoolhouse, the Russian Bishop's House has since been restored by the National Park Service as part of the Sitka National Historical Park.