Since 18 karats equals 75% purity (18 divided by 24), the pure gold you have is 6 g (8 g x 75%). All our rings, bands & jewelry are accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity by Platinum Guild International. The average carat weight for an engagement ring center stone is 1.10 carats in the US. Platinum Testing Kit. We are very competitive in our valuations, but many factors go into pricing specific diamonds. Based strictly on weight, diamonds are incredibly valuable. How Much Is My Diamond Ring Worth It S Easy To Find Out., Your email address will not be published. The second best way is to educate yourself on the fair market value for selling a stone. It can be difficult to understand which diamond is a better deal when you’re comparing apples and oranges. depth:62.4% What Are Diamond Chips and Should You Buy Them. You could never see it without a loupe, because it is white. Pt 950, Platinum Day of Love & Platinum Logo are trademarks of Platinum Guild International. What is the price of platinum love bands in India? We recommend excellent symmetry for round diamonds and at least very good for fancy shapes. We believe that seeing a diamond is the only way to judge a diamond and the 4C’s only tell part of the story. All Rights Reserved. We estimate the fair price of diamonds based on a massive database of live diamond prices shared by our top online jewelers. Our best advice is to have a conversation with your loved one to try to figure out what carat weight of diamond they’re expecting and what aspects of the diamond matter most: the color, clarity, or carat weight (we’d say cut but this always matters for round diamonds). Buyers of diamonds, such as jewelry stores or diamond dealers, won’t pay you retail price when they can buy the same stone at wholesale value. Diamond clarity grades measure the inclusions and blemishes present in a diamond. If the stone is not certified, you can have its quality evaluated by a gem lab such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) or AGS (American Gem Society), which can issue a grading report for the diamond for a fee. Going to D (best color), add another $150. This is how you will arrive at a reasonable estimate for the retail price of your diamond. Certificate – GSI 3) Choose Clarity: Clarity or inclusions are what really make a difference in the price, but NOT always in how the stone looks. Your comment would be appreciated. Money Metals Exchange is our number one choice. Real Example: I’ve put two same carat size, E color stones next to each other. Melt Value. We recommend James Allen (read review) because you can take a 360-degree look at any stone before having it set in a ring. While there are several grading laboratories, Washington Diamond sells diamonds that are graded only by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA - © 2020 StoneAlgo, Inc. All rights reserved.