T: 0048 665 425 111, woj. We offer our services only in north Poland, we do not provide our services abroad. This is the reason why more and more people find technology of prefabricated wooden houses appealing. 8. Visible elements of roof structure are polished and painted in the production hall. More than 60 different projects to customize. But you know that starting this kind of venture without a sound plan is a bad idea.So here we come in your help with the plan... You want to build a house and your number one problem is to figure out if you can afford it.

We design our buildings’ structures in a unique way, so that they are characterised by low energy needs, and at the same time it is comfortable and functional for its residents. 3. We pay great attention on delivering the highest level of client service and customer relationship. DOMINO homes are designed to use as much natural material as possible in the construction process. The boards. You don’t have to settle for a standard model – when working with us it is possible to produce a prefab house according to a special project. Design your energy-efficient house with us. Medium-size house prefabricated units production lasts from several to a dozen days. If we will find out - we will calculate and inform you. Our goal is to improve standards of living and we always aim for the best quality in construction with focus on social responsibility.

A prefabricated house is a modern solution to building yourself an energy efficient house fast and with high quality.

Please note that our offer is only directed for clients who will build house with us. A wall structure is pressed on a pneumatic lif… The ventilation system is the lungs of a modern home. 3. 3. 6. But be sure to consider all the positive and negative aspects before you make your decision. We are committed to offer you a quality service, which is a top priority for us. What factors influence the price of a log house? Prefabricated houses allow for a wide range of architectural solutions, including a large variety of different building models. These principles are applied to ensure our construction of sustainable and eco friendly homes and buildings. This home comes with a beautiful green roof planted with an assortment of wildflowers and a simple PV system that will provide you with at least 25% of your energy needs. One story house: price for 1 square meter 2 800 PLN, Two story house: price for 1 square meter 3 000 PLN. Prefabricated house 102. We use only high quality solid construction timber. We also can adopt project provided by the client. Help you to find best solutions in creating your living space. Workmanship of house elements is precise, which facilitates further finishing. To see more houses and sample projects please visit our gallery. If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us. The shipping container base structure is a great way to recycle the excesses from … In cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology we have created a special computer program for calculating the cost of log houses in the early price enquiry stage. Step by step we will design home for you, help to deal with administrative formalities and finally build energy-efficient house for you! Palmatin is a production company that values an eco-friendly and healthy living environment. Talk to our expert online, or ... with Tallinn University of Technology we have created a special computer program for calculating the cost of log houses in the early price enquiry stage. The lengths of materials are only restricted by the measures of transportation. . From us, you will receive only useful information about prefabricated wooden houses. I can no longer stand this inefficiency (pun intended) and so I wrote this article that tells you everything you need to know to put your ducks in a row when it comes to the energy-efficiency of your new home... Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a wood-based construction material that has become quite popular in the past 10 years.CLT brings together some of the benefits of building with wood and some of the benefits of building with concrete.This makes it quite unique and versatile. Clients who will design house with us gain: Cheap prices: our prices start form 8500 pln for projects and all formalities which come with it. Floor beams – floor structural element which allows of filling the space between beams by acoustic insulation. When building an eco-friendly house, one question that comes to mind immediately is: which kind of construction materials should I use? For example, if you have a building of three Teo’s, the “screws” will cost EUR 630.- + VAT. The truth is that windows are quite complex objects and, when choosing the right ones for your home, there is a lot to consider.On top of that, you have a limited budget to work with. Floor finishing – any finishes e.g. This summer we finally built one and it took us just 4 days! We'd love to help you come up with effective solutions for your next home project. Śledziejowice They say eco-friendly homes must be airtight.You might be wondering how is it possible to live in a closed box, with no fresh air ever coming in. Teo-house is a "turnkey" solution. For this reason, it is possible to obtain the highest heat-insulting parameters of our barrier and thus our houses are energy-efficient. If you really want to get an answer, you need to give some contexts and add a few details.Here is how to do it... Something should be changed in the building sector so that our grandchildren can still enjoy our home planet in relatively human-friendly conditions. Inhom comany was founded in 2007.

We approach each project individually and offer solutions up to the client's needs. It´s the only way to offer 100% quality guarantee. © 2015new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write("-"+new Date().getFullYear());, Ecologiq. Currently we are building energy-efficient houses and other prefabricated facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. If you want to live in a comfortable, healthy, sustainable and energy-efficient house we are here to share with our knowledge, experience and skills. at affordable price. We are polish, innovative company which specialises in designing and constructing energy-efficient houses in north and central Poland. 2. We build houses according to the design plans from the catalog and according to individual designs. Design and build energy-efficient house especially for you and your preferences from A to Z. Use of an out-of-date browser To make your Internet experience as secure and pleasant as possible, you should update your browser here to a new version.

While it is true, the location is essential for determining the value of a property, when you buy land for building your new home that's not the only metric you want to consider. Things like size and color are obvious... but what about stuff like energy performance, sun protection, safety features? wooden flooring, terracotta, floor panels. If you want to live in a comfortable, healthy, sustainable and energy-efficient house we are here to share with our knowledge, experience and skills. I would like to receive future communications, A CLT high-rise to bring a community together, 10 things to consider before buying land to build on, Heat recovery ventilation for eco-friendly homes, 4 (+1) key factors for an energy efficient house, Building a prefab house with a general contractor, 10 (+1) things to consider when choosing windows for your house, 14 things to consider before building a prefab home, How to choose (truly) eco-friendly construction materials, A green alternative to a shipping container house, MHM: an eco-friendly alternative to CLT panels, How a house configurator can help architects to get more (and better) clients. Every house is designed with care, competence, experience and impeccable quality. 5.