Furthermore, it doesn't know the 'Set Code' column, which would help it import things properly. He covers tech and gaming for LifeHacker and other publications like Digital Trends, EGM, and IGN. You can sort sets by the cost to complete them, and chip away at your collection's progress bars. This import tool only accepts a CSV File that has the columns in the following format: Card Name, Card Quantity, Card ID, Card Rarity, Card Condition, Card Edition, Card Set, Card Set Code.Each of these columns need to be set or it will result in errors when retrieving your collection. The real draw of TCGplayer, however, is the app’s marketplace functionality. As to unrecognized edition names, just check the Editions page for the Deckbox version of the Edition name. On the plus side, BigAR is developing web versions for these apps that will enable cross-platform syncing. Delver Lens is free to download and use for Android, but in order to export sets larger than 99 cards at a time, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version of the app—either $2.99 per month or $30 per year. Brendan is a freelance writer and content creator based out of Portland, OR. The TCGplayer app is primarily for buying, selling, and/or trading cards in your collection. You can check the current market value for your cards from TCGplayer.com and MagicCardMarket.com listings, all of which can be converted into different currencies. Fast, Accurate Pricing - Choose between Mid, Low, Direct Low and Market Price—plus Trade-In High for Magic—to see current TCGplayer price data. Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker, numerous game-specific card scanning apps. Regardless, you can safely delete the column, as Deckbox doesn't use it. Thankfully, it’s a pretty reasonable price—about $3 USD to unlock the newest sets and add an additional 100 card slots—but it’s still restrictive compared to similar apps. Deckbox Forum » Site Discussion » Can't import from TCGPlayer app, You must login or register to post a reply. Been scanning cards with the TCGPlayer app (which is the replacement for Scryglass), its CSV export consists of the following columns: Count, Name, Edition, Card Number, Set Code. Online Gaming Store for Cards, Miniatures, Singles, Packs & Booster Boxes Press J to jump to the feed. collector looking for rare deals, or you recently found yourself staring down teetering stacks of long-forgotten of Magic: The Gathering cards while KonMari-ing your belongings (like me), there are a number of apps you can use to catalog, evaluate, and off-load parts (or all) of your collection. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The one bummer of the app is that it currently only supports cards as far back as the Sun & Moon series. TCGplayer (the website) is a huge card marketplace, so when you scan in your cards with the app, you can immediately see their current market value. Wholesale Home Decor & Accessories. On the opposite side of things, you may want to add two columns prior to import -- Condition and Language. So if you go on MTG:Salvation and use their [c][/c] commands (or whatever the hell they are, it’s been a while) to link, there’s a database somewhere that pops up the image of the card. Been scanning cards with the TCGPlayer app (which is the replacement for Scryglass), its CSV export consists of the following columns: Count, Name, Edition, Card Number, Set Code. In addition to those features, the M:TG, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! You can then sell and buy cards with other users directly via the app, and Magic: The Gathering collectors can even shop out their cards to nearby game stores (rather than individual buyers) using TCGplayer’s trade-in feature. I can't find a way to export my collection on tcgplayer.com, and can't find a way to import it directly by logging in to the app (without importing a csv, which I don't see a way to export from the website), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Click on the ellipsis. Before we begin, one quick note: All the apps listed below are designed for managing your physical card collection—they let you scan cards to create digital catalogs; translate imported cards from other regions; look up the latest rules for your game; or buy, sell, and trade cards within an app. Are you kidding me with this scanning of every last fucking card I have? Find out how much it'd cost to complete a playset of commons, uncommons, or even one of each card in a set, and automatically add it to your TCGPlayer shopping cart! Delver Lens’ scanning tool recognizes all cards from the original card set up to and including the Ravnica Allegiance expansion that launched on January 25, 2019, even if you’re scanning your collection offline. Trading and collectible card games (TCGs and CCGs, for short) can be a lot of work, especially as you start to accumulate boxes and boxes of physical cards. When you scan a card, you can select its condition quality, edition, and set to get an accurate estimate of its value. That database, I’m guessing, has a listing of every MTG card there is (though maybe not every version of said card because reprints and whatnot). ). Their absence won't cause the import to fail, but you also won't get your default condition and language applied to the cards. BigAR offers numerous game-specific card scanning apps that can be used as a snappy reference/translation tools, and will even aid in pricing out your card collection for just about every major TCG/CCG out there: BigAR draws from a database that allows you to scan and translate cards even when you’re offline. On top of these features, Pokemon TCG Card Dex is also the best-looking app of its kind thanks to its smart, animated UI, which you can see in the in-app demo footage above.