Bono says in U2 By U2 that there was a period of time when the other three band members almost kicked Larry out of the band because they were not sure how serious he was. In the early days of U2, Larry had to miss some gigs and photo shoots because of the job at Seiscom. His award-winning music career includes being inducted with his bandmates into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, 22 Grammy Awards, the Rory Gallagher Musician of the Year Award from Hot Press magazine, the lifetime achievement award from Yamaha, an Emmy Award, eight Brit Awards, a Golden Globe Award as well as many others from a variety of music magazines, trade publications and music television networks. In the mid-1990s, Larry sought advice from Berklee College of Music’s Percussion Department Chairman Gary Chaffee, taking lessons at his private studio in Boston. The album debuted at number one throughout the world and spawned Top Ten hits with "Mysterious Ways" and "One.". He has also served as a judge for the Shortlist Music Prize. In 2000 he accepted the Freedom of Dublin award, and in doing so is allowed to let his sheep graze on College Green or St. Stephen's Green. Larry's Irish doctor refuses to accept it - he looks at X-rays of Larry's crooked spine and says it's impossible, but Larry feels fine. U2 formed in Dublin in 1976, when none of the members were very good musicians. The band's sound was undeniably indebted to post-punk, so it's mildly ironic that U2 formed in 1976, before punk had even reached their hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Prior to that, Larry grew up with a traditional Catholic background, even serving as an altar boy in church. He did return to the piano when he played keyboards on "Yahweh" during the Vertigo tour and is known to provide backing vocals on many U2 tracks. The film won the Grand Prix Jury award at the 2013 Montreal Film Festival, the Founder’s Award at the 2013 Chicago International Film Festival, and several Norwegian Amanda Awards in 2014. Also during the early days, Bono spoke to Larry about a local Christian-based fellowship group called Shalom. Larry and Adam also teamed up with Mike Mills and Michael Stipe to form the group "Automatic Baby" for Bill Clinton's Presidential Inauguration in 1993 at MTV's Inaugural Ball. That did the trick! The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. Finesse Mitchell on Music's Role in Relationships and Rubbing Elbows With Prince and U2 at 'SNL', Joe Scarborough Is Finally Living Out His Musical Dreams, Ed Kowalczyk on Revisiting Live's Mega-Smash 'Throwing Copper', Chris Jericho On His Early Music Memories, His Indoctrination Into Metal and the Battle for Respect, Advance Album Streams from Yusuf (Cat Stevens), Rancid, Ani DiFranco and More, 'Pearls Before Swine' Cartoonist Stephan Pastis on His Musical Inspirations and Dylan Obsession, Radio on the TV: U2, Lady Gaga, Brian Williams and More. @U2 Home Page - U2 News, Lyrics, Tour Dates & more His sister, Cecilia, bought him his first drum-kit in 1973 for 17 pounds. Thematically, the song is about heroin addiction, though lead vocalist Bono has given varying accounts of who was the inspiration behind his lyrics. They are involved in charities and helping people with groups such as Amnesty International, Make Poverty History, the ONE Campaign, Live Aid, Live 8, Bono's DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa) campaign, and Music Rising. They then changed their name to the Hype in 1977. My mother's death certainly catapulted me in the band's direction.". Three weeks after his first son's birth in 1995, Larry required back surgery to sort the injury out. Trafficking in big ideas and big sounds, a band that operated on a grander scale than any other from the '80s and attracted legions of devoted fans. U2 was formed in the city of Dublin, Ireland on September 25, 1976. U2 experimented for the rest of the 1990s, making two other very different albums, Zooropa and Pop. It was founded by 14-year-old drummer Larry Mullen Jr. Larry said about Shalom in U2 By U2, "The idea was to create a Christian community, where people would live and work under strict Christian standards, When you're young and impressionable it all sounds ideal. This page was last changed on 2 October 2019, at 08:16. To hear Larry tell a bit of his story in his own words, check out the Yamaha Lifetime Achievement Award video produced by Yamaha Corporation of America for his award ceremony. Award-winning site sharing U2 news since 1995. King, among others. Larry has had back pain over the years stemming from an injury in 1987 while on The Joshua Tree Tour. Where they had been inspired by post-punk in the early career and American music during their mid-career, U2 delved into electronic and dance music with Achtung Baby. He started taking classes with Ireland's best-known drummer, Joe Bonnie. But there was something terribly wrong with the concept. U2 are an Irish rock band. Five years later, his mother, Maureen, died in a road traffic accident in November 1978. He has been with his partner, Ann Acheson, for over 40 years. He also worked with fellow bandmate Adam Clayton on the theme to Mission: Impossible for the film's release in 1996. This album sounded very different from their other albums because it was inspired by alternative rock and dance music. Larry said he was offered an opportunity to complete his Leaving Certificate exams but chose not to as the economy was not doing very well at the time and jobs were difficult to find. However, Larry has said that his drumming style is "unteachable" and that spirit and instinct are what guides his technique. NOTE: Much of the information contained in this biography came from Larry's comments in U2 By U2, as well as research from Life magazine,, and Modern Drummer magazine. @U2 Home Page - U2 News, Lyrics, Tour Dates & more Achtung Baby and its worldwide Zoo TV Tour were both very popular. David Howell Evans, known as the "the Edge" and Adam Clayton, from the rock band U2, are backing a new technology fund in Ireland, which is aiming to raise 100 million euros ($112 million). Although everyone knows the band as U2, Larry claims that the band's name is really "The Larry Mullen Band. They were more popular for playing live shows than for releasing albums. When not on a musical journey, Larry has taken up acting and producing films. He flies to Germany for shots of bull's blood regularly." Read Full Biography. Even with a powerful manager in their corner, the band had trouble making much headway, and failed an audition with CBS Records at the end of the year. It was a really screwed-up view of the world and nothing to do with what I now understand a Christian faith to be. Since 2001’s Elevation tour, he has worn compression bandages and wraps to help control the condition. He has also been a dog owner, thanking his Labradors (JJ and Missy) on past albums. Shortly afterward, Dick Evans left the band to form the Virgin Prunes, and the group changed names once again, this time adopting the moniker of U2.