Ascend (If you control ten or more permanents, you get the city's blessing for the rest of the game.) I've found that taking out one or two of such themes out and use them as the inspiration for a new deck can be very rewarding. by BradLim, Goreclaw: Green Devotion Beatdown September 25, 2020 by Discord Server | by RoaringBunny. by Greecenrome, Gishath Created Aug 11, 2013. 10.00 - 24.00 Mind's Eye: I don’t think this card is worth running in edh anymore. That’s not really my thing, as my meta would punish me too hard for trying. What is your favorite color and why is it red? I didn’t suggest this, but you could add a sub theme of flicker effects to abuse Omnath, Locus of Creation landfall triggers. At first glance, Wayward Swordtooth seemed unimpressive to me, since it's basically a worse Exploration that sometimes has a 5/5 body. So, Exploration, Rhystic Study, Burgeoning and Mystic Remora are all ridiculous. It’s also cumulative with other effects that let you play additional lands, such as the one from Enter the Unknown. by pattyo_, Can You Smell What Yarok Is Cooking? This is a very interesting deck I think. [[walking atlas]] and [[skyshroud ranger]] are good substitutes. Very slow and expensive. Terms of Use | You may play an additional land on each of your turns. Chris Rahn 5/5 This is coming from my experience with the card and it always finds its way out of any deck I’ve added it to. Citys blessing without Ascend on battlefield? Wayward Swordtooth rulings: 2018-01-19: Wayward Swordtooth’s middle ability is cumulative if you control more than one. There a few cards here I would consider to cut: Cards I would consider adding for better consistency. Confession: Ixalan is my favorite set since Return to Ravnica, and it’s not close. It’s different in that almost half your deck is lands. Join. Omnath, Locus of Creation feat. You might be spreading yourself too thin by having all those things in one deck. Good luck with your brew! Wayward Swordtooth can't attack or block unless you have the city's blessing. The one dinosaur you need 100% no questions asked is Wayward Swordtooth. Chris Rahn 5/5. I really hope this doesn't increase in price too much. #brasss bounty, #budget, #champion of dusk, #deckbuilding, #edh, #nezahal primal tide, #path of discovery, #release to the wind, #rivals of ixalan, #silent gravestone, #storm the vault, #tendershoot dryad, #wayward swordtooth, #zacama primal calamity Read More » Wayward Swordtooth can't attack or block unless you have the city's blessing. Join us for an exploration of Landfall decks and their most common win conditions, and how the newest Landfall legends from Zendikar Rising fit into it! Support us on Patreon! If I can provide anymore assistance, feel free to let me know.