The company is aiming to create Zillow for Egypt and has already built out a database that accounts for 80% of the country’s new housing supply. But don’t take my word for it: “If there’s one constant over the last 15 years, it is change; YC is constantly experimenting and evolving to adapt to founders’ needs,” said Michael Seibel, CEO at YC. If you are a lawyer, compliance agent, or have investments in Panama, Panadata is your startup. The app has shifted the idea of a breakout room, aiming to replicate the experience of sparking up side conversations by allowing you to faintly overhear some of the conversation happening “nearby”. Brazilian entrepreneurs, Pedro Dellagnelo and Pedro Rocha, saw that the construction materials market still had a big brick and mortar approach in need of updating. A circuit board for optical chips. In short, Papercups is building an “open-core” piece of software that may be able to challenge the chat portion of the Intercom product set. Conta Simples: A digital bank account for startups based in Brazil. Gregg’s right. Each year, YCombinator invests in two large groups of startups, dividing into Winter and Summer groups. With 2020 calling for companies to be more agile than ever, it’s exciting to imagine the numerous endeavors these Latam startups (and the whole batch, really) will achieve in the future. Significant in the sense that end users are using ngtlds. And, Toolbox thinks that it can snag 25% of the total spend. : MilkRun is a service that connects folks in a city to local food products, like dairy and produce. The startup is licensing its technology to brands focused on healthy and sustainable food development. India – Consumer, including fintech, How to spin your scientific research out of a university and into a startup, YC W17 Launch: Lively, Scaphold, Marketfox, Floyd, ServX, Fibo, and Wifi Dabba, Frequently Asked Questions From YC Applicants, Startup School Week 7 Recap – Kevin Hale on Conversion Rates and Pricing. These integrations can be further dialed in by the startup’s Teams product that allows engineerings teams to quickly access internal tools and share workflows. Echoing the famous Amazon threat that “your margin is my opportunity,” MilkRun said that most money spent on food today goes to packaging and distribution, and that “that inefficiency is [its] opportunity.”. It will be much the same as every other batch. That’s a big take. It has 40 paying fast-moving consumer good companies to date. The startup claims that its wind turbine uses 10 times less material at half the cost of traditional options, and has already flown a 7-foot wide prototype. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A direct-to-consumer clothing company that says it wants to be the “UNIQLO of India”, currently focusing specifically on men’s dress socks. Currently has 2000 users waitlisted. : Cellular agriculture, the science that powers lab-grown meat and other meat alternatives, often struggles to get into consumer homes due to a high cost of production. They charge merchants $100 per year. Arist conducts this same training via interactive text messaging, which they say is faster, more natural for today’s users, and leads to higher completion rates. These integrations can be further dialed in by the startup’s Teams product that allows engineerings teams to quickly access internal tools and share workflows. So, it’s screen time, but useful. They aren’t domainers, they are end users. Nototo is building a visual map interface for note-taking, bringing a very unique interface to a productivity vertical known for its innovative app designs. They currently have 3 contracts after launching in May 2020. You did also suggest in another thread that you have never actually sold a New TLD domain though. Recurrency: This startup is building an “automated” ERP, or enterprise resource planning service, for wholesalers. It plans to charge $10,000 per team per year. In a blog post Y Combinator said, “Depending on the circumstances this summer, some or all of the batch may take place remotely over video.”. It charges $5 per attendees, and per its pitch has already managed to host a conference with a few thousand attendees. This batch of Y Combinator will be remote due to COVID-19. The startup wants to grow into a managed marketplace that serves as a broker for all home services, from repairs to insurance. Toolbox can help some workers find full-time jobs, or plug in shorter work to fill demand gaps. The other thing that’s clear, is that as more startups and businesses opt for new domains the mindshare is clearly being pulled from .com. Future Fields sells cell-growth media products that are more cost effective and scalable than the status quo set forward by commercialized agriculture. Whether more folks love or hate them – doesn’t matter – mindshare of .com is eroding. Hubble monitors a company’s data warehouse for errors and missing information, letting in-house engineers focus their time on other tasks. Heap, Okta and Front have bit for the alpha. Blue Onion Labs: This financial services startup is helping companies make sense of financial transaction data that lives across multiple systems. Popular Indian social media platform, ShareChat has announced that it has established…, Instagram, today, announced that the platform is rolling out a redesigned home-screen,…, Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, Xbox Series X and Series S, went on sale…, Rejoice PUBG Mobile fans as the game’s parent company has announced that….